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High-volume welded assemblies

To be successful in industrial manufacturing, you have to have the ability to turn out high-quality products at an efficient rate can make or break your business model. This means finding ways to improve efficiency and productivity wherever possible, and precision welding has the potential to do both of these things for you. Precision welding can be used to weld together steel and non-ferrous metals, and it is typically done on parts that are too difficult or time-consuming to do with traditional manual welding techniques.

Robotic Welding

At Big Gun Robotics, we have robotic cells with several different axis that can get to parts many others can’t. By automating this process, we can get high-quality welds on most products up to three times faster than other weld shops.

Hand Welding

Some parts are still welded by hand, but we have the resources and expertise to deliver no matter what the project looks like. At Big Gun Robotics we have 20 manual weld stations producing weldments to exact customer specifications.

Our Mission

Whatever It Takes

From our employees to our customers and the larger manufacturing industry as a whole, Big Gun Robotics is dedicated to doing everything we can to create a supportive environment that delivers big, each and every time. From just-in-time solutions to highly customized projects, we don’t stop until we’ve delivered it right, and on time, every time.

Our Qualifications

Quality, safety, and on-time delivery


• ISO 90014 Certification

SAP Process Integration

• Lean Manufacturing Implementation

In The News

Big Gun Robotics LLC Expanding Operations in Newberry County

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Big Gun Robotics LLC, a robotic welding company that supplies heavy equipment manufacturers, is expanding its operations in Newberry County. The more than $3.6 million investment is creating 16 new jobs over the next five years.

Awards given at Toast of the Town


NEWBERRY — During Newberry County’s annual Toast of the Town, an event honoring industry in Newberry County, Rick Farmer, director of Newberry County Economic Development, gave out three inaugural awards to three companies.

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